What is the minimum car rental period?

The minimum rental period is 24 hours.


What are the driving license and rental age restrictions in order to rent a car?

It is required to have a valid drivers license for at least 2 years and to be at least 25 years old for top class car rentals.


What are the types and scopes of insurance?

The validity of the insurance is automatically terminated if traffic accident, Theft and Akol reports are not submitted and/or the vehicle is used under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or legal speed limits are exceeded. Damages arising from broken glass, mirror and headlights, splitting of tires and usage errors are excluded from the insurance coverage.


Can someone other than me drive the car I rented?

The use of third parties other than the renter of the Izmir Rent a Car vehicle is only possible if the drivers license and identity documents are registered in the rental agreement by the Izmir Rent a Car official.


What are the long-term rental conditions?

You can call our phone number 0 552 322 92 12 for your car rental needs for 30 days or more.


What are your Additional Services?

GPS (Navigation device): It can be provided for an additional fee if requested during the reservation.

OGS device: It can be obtained for a service fee of 5 TL during the rental period. Usage fees are charged separately.

Baby Seat: It can be provided for an additional fee if requested at the time of booking.

Delivery and Drop-off: Vehicle delivery and/or drop-off is provided in the centers where Izmir Rent a Car stations are located, for 20 Euros. In places where Izmir Rent a Car Car Rental stations are not available, 0,30 Euro per km is calculated.


What are the payment methods?

Payments can be made with credit cards that are accepted by Izmir Rent a Car. Regardless of the selected payment type, the approximate rental price will be collected at the time of vehicle delivery, and the final calculation will be made at the end of the lease. In addition to the rental fee, a provision for deposit is taken from the credit card in amounts varying according to the vehicle group.