Fleet leasing

Why is Fleet Leasing More Advantageous?

When you decide to buy a vehicle, you need to cash out in bulk or use a loan for the cash you need. Your expenses do not end there. Costs such as insurance, tax, maintenance, repair, tire replacement of the vehicle you purchased are additional expenses. In addition, the uncertainty of the resale value of your vehicle will also be a risk factor for you.

If you rent your vehicle for a long time, the total cost to be incurred is only as much as the monthly rent of your vehicle. Moreover, you will be protected from the risk of the uncertainty of the second-hand value of your vehicle, and you will be able to effortlessly carry out all the transactions from the purchase of your vehicle to the second-hand sale. When you take into account the cost-effective additional services you will receive within the scope of the rental, renting a long-term car will be a more advantageous solution for you than buying.


Easy Vehicle Renewal

In the renewal process of the vehicles, you do not deal with sales transactions, you provide full protection against the risk of second-hand value change.

Fixed Monthly Installments

If you rent a vehicle instead of buying it, you do not need to make any down payment and cash outflow related to the purchase price. You make your payments in predetermined fixed rents.

Motor Insurance, Insurance and Motor Vehicle Tax Payments

Vehicle insurance, traffic insurance and Motor Vehicle Tax payments are included in the rental scope and are made by us in a timely and complete manner. Motor Vehicle Tax payments, which you have to pay when you buy your vehicle, but are not legally accepted, will not be an additional burden for you if you rent your vehicle from us.

VAT Advantage

If the vehicle is purchased directly, VAT will appear as a cost element and cannot be used for VAT reduction. In case of renting, all VAT on the invoice can be used as VAT to be deducted.

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